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Make your teachers and staff brand ambassadors – Give your teachers an optional marketing target. Tell them that for every student that registers in the school through them, they get a percentage.

You can also make your parents brand ambassadors too. Have a kind of plan that parents with students get a discount if they refer new parents/students. Also have a plan that parents with more than one child can get a discount.

Offer a unique subject/activity that other schools do not offer – Let such subject or activity be one that is relevant to the future of a student.

Example of such subjects or activity…

  1. Software Development
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Public Speaking

2 ways this is very critical…

  • As a School Owner, you can always tell people/parents that “We are the only school in the whole of your area that offers this subject”
  • As your students interact with other students, it begins to show in them and parents of other students would notice and ask…

Selected Coaching – From SSS 2, select 4 or 5 students who you feel can have up to 5 A1s in SSCE and begin to devote extra coaching to them. Select your best teachers to mentor and coach them for free. Let them be presented for GCE even in SSS 2 at the expense of the school, so they can have a feel. Keep preparing them. Hopefully, when SSS 3 SSCE comes and they sit for it, they would have up to 5 A1s or more.

Now, use their picture and results on the Billboard or Signage of your school. Also use it in your advertisement. In 2 or 3 years time, you can always say that “Your school has consistently produced so and so result at SSCE”.

Community Visibility – Involve your students in a community activity such as sanitation, gardening or traffic control. Parents or people that stay in the community or pass by would notice it.

Imagine a school on a busy road, and then some students, under the supervision of a teacher come out and begin to control traffic.

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Someone may need this. Please share!!!