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Communication with teachers and other staff

  • As a School Owner, social media can help you pass important message to your staff quickly. No need to use a notice board, summon a staff meeting or wait till you get to your school.
  • Social media can help you post and manage intermittent updates that your staff may also need. Example could be when as a group, you are monitoring a situation and you need progress report.

Communication with parents

  • Social Media can also help you interact with your parents well. They can easily reach out to you and share issues that bothers them, rather than the usual style of coming to your office and asking to see you.
  • You can also have a group for parents, where you can discuss with them regularly. For example, passing announcement on payment of school fees. Instead of the usual method of asking students to tell their parents, if you have a social media(WhatsApp) group, you can pass the information directly to the parents.
  • Other sudden information can also be relayed via the group. Example is public holidays, excursions, open days etc.

Communication with stakeholders and fellow school owners

  • Social media can also help school owners stay abreast of happenings in the educational sectors. There are social media groups for school owners, branches professional bodies (TRCN or NUT) and regulatory bodies. A good example is our WhatsApp group, EdPointa Educators Hub. Click here to join.
  • In such groups, they can hear about upcoming events, exams or even business opportunities. They can also get to network and meet other school owners,sometimes from other states.

Marketing your school

  • This is one of the most important uses of social media in helping your school. Social media can be used to advertise your school. A social media page on Facebook or a profile on Twitter or Instagram can be opened for the school. Such page/profile should be updated regularly.
  • Things like admission information, performance of students at external exams and events like inter-house sport, attendance at competitions, open days, costume days or any other social event can be posted here. Parents and prospective parents who follow the page/profile would see such updates.
  • This page/profile can also run paid adverts to reach more prospective parents who live in your area.

Saving media information such as pictures and videos

  • Social media can also be used to store information such as pictures and videos.
  • Such information would be relevant in years time, when students would have graduated or staff would have retired or resigned. These pictures and videos would serve to refresh memories.

Ease of location

  • Social media can help your school be located easily.
  • Apart from showing your school’s address, a social media tool like Facebook or Google would show the map and direction to your school.

So I ask. What social media platform is your school actively on?

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Someone may need this. Please share!!!