EdPointa Graduate Finishing Academy

Have you gone for an interview before and then you meet up to 10 or 20 other candidates there too?

Hahaha!!! I am sure you have. Mind you, it is most likely the recruiter would only hire a candidate. Just 1 candidate.

So we can say 80 candidates apply for the job, 20 get invited for interview and then only 1 gets recruited.

The above scenario is that of a small or middle-sized Nigerian company. For a bigger company like a bank, it is also similar. 8,000 candidates apply, 2,000 get invited for test. 200 would be interviewed and 40 would make it to training school.

My name is Enoch and I welcome you to the EdPointa Graduate Finishing Academy.

There are limited jobs in Nigeria. This makes getting a job very competitive.  But the thing about competition is that it has its secret.

What is the EdPointa Graduate Finishing Academy about?

It is a Facebook and WhatsApp group training school for graduates seeking to get jobs or change jobs. The aim of the academy is to make you become a competitive and smart job seeker and then help you land that job.

What would you gain by joining the academy?

Information – I would be sharing information on various topics. Let me share a few. Just a few.

– “3 jobs roles in a company”. A company has 3 roles; Production/Operation, Marketing/Sales and Support. The role of an Accountant in an Accounting firm would be different from that of a secondary school.

– “What companies look for in graduates”. Trainability, Academic prowess and the likes.

– “Self Discovery for Graduates”. I would talk on the 4 types of Temperament and Personality, 4 types of workers (Ideator, Strategist, Executor and Operator). I would also talk on the 12 Executive Skills.

– “Communication skills”. I would teach you how to make punchy statements that convey meaning. You hear graduates using vague words in their resume profile that don’t tell the company what you’re really good at or what they can gain if they employ you.

– “5 types of companies you can work for”. If you belong to our WhatsApp and Facebook groups, we have talked on this. We would go deeper.

– “The 3 types of qualifications and how to get and use them”. They are Academic, Professional and Vocational qualifications. I have earned more money from my Professional and Vocational qualifications than my Academic. Mind you, I have a Masters degree in Engineering.

Materials – Any material for graduate test and interviews would be shared, and explained. We would solve the test questions together and explain the aptitude to develop so you can become a test guru. You would also be the first set of people to get our Graduate Testing App which would be launched soon. I would share materials on interview preparation as well.

Mentoring – Members would be free to call me as they progress in their job application. I would know their individual challenges and help them out. My team would conduct mock interviews for those invited for interviews.

Lovely right? That’s not all.

What would it cost me to join this academy?

Nice question. This academy is free to join.

Yes, you heard me right.

Totally free, at least till the end of February 2018. It however comes with a condition. It is for those who subscribe for our Resume Design and Cover Letter service. So if you want to join this academy, click here and follow the instructions.

After I subscribe for Resume Design and Cover Letter service, what next?

I have your detailed and your e-mail. You can also call my phone to inform me. I would send you the link to the Facebook and WhatsApp group. Mind you, you would still get your resume and cover letters in 72 hours, just like I promised.

How many people can the academy take?

For now, this academy would accept only 30 people. So after the 1st 30 people sign up, no more. I feel 30 is a number I can work with personally.

When does the academy commence and end?

Right away. We have however not gone far so new members can catch up. It runs for 30 days.

How do I join the academy?

I have answered this before.

Of course, I don’t mind answering it again. This academy is for those who subscribe for our Resume Design and Cover Letter service. So if you want to join this academy, click here and follow the instructions.

My assurances to you at the end of the academy

After it ends, members would still be mentored for another 30 days. At the end of the academy, I can assure you of 2 things.
– You would become a smarter job-seeker.
-You would frequently get invited for interviews as a result of the visual resume and cover letters we would have designed for you.

I belong to EdPointa Facebook and WhatsApp Group. Will the group still exist?

Yes. Job posts and other information would be shared on our WhatsApp and Facebook group daily. It is free to join and be a member. Member of the EdPointa Graduate Finishing Academy would also be members of the main groups.

Have more enquiries?

Call or send a WhatsApp message on 08137673701.

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