Visual Resume and Cover Letter

First impressions matter!!!

A resume is the first impression a potential employer would have about a candidate.

In split seconds of looking at one, an employer can determine if such candidate should be invited for an interview or not.

So never ever downplay the importance of having a very good resume.

A lot of graduates have lost jobs because of poorly prepared resumes.

Same as cover letters. Well-crafted cover letters.

When resumes received for a job opening are too many, cover letters sent as messages via the application e-mail do the trick.

It helps the recruiter have a summary of what could be in a resume and thus gives the candidate an edge over other candidates who didn’t send one, and as such, the recruiter has to start downloading their resumes or processing them using an Applicant’s Tracking Software.

So do you need those employer-stopping resumes and cover letter?

We can help you !!!

For a price of N2,000 (down from  N5,000 for now), we will craft for you your best resume yet, just like the one you have below.

They are called Visual Resumes. Resumes with a blend of colours and graphics. Don’t they look super cool?  Succinct yet detailed and colourful.

Not just that, we will also give you 2 cover letters to go with the resume.

Once we receive your payment, and you fill your detail in this form, you’ll get a beautifully-crafted resume and 2 cover letters in 72 hours or less, all at at token of N2,000.


– Make the payment of N2,000 to 0262017315,  LeadBizi – EdPointa , Guaranty Trust Bank
– After payment, fill your details by clicking here
– If you have a current resume, send it to
– Then relax, in about 72 hours, you’ll hear from us, for good.


This is an introductory price and open to members of EdPointa Graduate Jobs Facebook and WhatsApp groups. We reserve the right to increase prices without prior notice.

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